Edward Jay's Accordion Know-How

If I know how, I'll show you how.

Reed calibration

Here is an example of a reed that has been bent too far outwards (perhaps by excessive pressure whilst tuning).

As a result, the reed may now be slow to respond, or may only respond at higher pressure/volume, or may not even respond at all.

To correct the reed’s response, it may be bent back (pushed) into alignment with the blade tool.

However, if the reed is pushed too far inside the reed plate, the reed may still struggle to start.

If this happens, the blade tool may again be used to bend the reed, but this time in the opposite direction.

If the reed is correctly set, it should start and sound effortlessly, and should look something like this (the tip only just visibly away from the plate)

NB. Bending the reed in this manner does not affect tuning.


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